Story . . .

You and your community or organization have stories.  Our stories are more than the "5 W's" of a typical tale.  They contain deep and valuable insight for sense-making in the face of complex challenges.

Our unique TM Pending framework. . .

  • Enables quick and easy gathering of individual stories
  • Enables you and your group to easily research the story library
  • Facilitates your ability to both adopt and more critically, adapt best practice lessons learned, to the context and culture of YOUR organization

Ask us to tell you our story about the use of stories for sense- and decision-making in the face of complex organizational challenges.

​Workshops. . .

Freethinc. . . has delivered successful workshops to groups throughout the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.  Our workshops have earned excellent feedback from clients and participants alike.  

Our current workshop offerings include. . . 

  • Half-day workshop on data collection and analysis
  • Half-day workshop on Achieving Customer Service Excellence
  • Half-day Introduction to Complexity - the Science of Uncertainty

. . . like the Aikido artists above, it is a combination of learning and practice over time, to gain experience and expertise.  We work to continuously listen to your needs and interests, and to respond with engaging, informative workshops that meet and exceed your requests.


Our services fall into three broad categories. . . 

Consulting. . .

Freethinc. . .  works with you to gain a deep understanding not only of your stated organizational needs for change, but also to gain deep understanding of the context, culture, and relational dynamics in which you and your people work.

We offer consulting services in. . .

  • Organization change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Design, Delivery, and Facilitation of Collaborative Dialogue Events and Processes

. . . Change IS the only constant.  We continuously listen, learn, and grow our understanding and offerings to best meet your needs.

Freethinc . . . For A Change

Consulting through a new lens