National Transit Institute

Design and delivery of training program "Achieving Service Excellence" recognized as a best-practice in transit industry training

United States of Labor

Commendation for having made "a singular contribution to the United States Department of Labor" as creator and leader of the DOL Improvement Initiative

Freethinc. . . For A Change


Freethinc. . . is the personal consultancy of Bruce Waltuck.  Our logo, above, is a crocheted geometric form called a hyperbolic plane.  It was commissioned by Bruce, and made by the discoverer of the technique, Daina Taimina. 

Say hello to Freethinc. . . and to Bruce Waltuck

Freethinc . . . For A Change

Consulting through a new lens

U.S. Information Agency


Invited to participate in prestigious international Speakers Series.  Delivered 22 lectures on business process and organizational improvement throughout Brazil

About Freethinc. . .

Awards & Recognition

Global experience, global insights, proven results.  All through the "new lens" of complexity. . . 


Bruce Waltuck is a multi-award-winning change leader, trainer, and consultant.  He has created and lead successful nationwide initiatives in business process improvement, labor-management collaboration, and more.  Bruce is a globally-known presenter and writer.  Through Freethinc. . . Bruce integrates the process-oriented lessons of Edwards Deming, with his expertise in complex systems.  The result is a new lens for insight and foresight, expertise and exploration.