September 2017

Join 1 Million Cups in Union NJ, mentoring entrepreneurs.

May 2017

Annual Complexity workshop for doctoral students at PCOM.


  • Organization Change
  • Collaborative Dialogue & Facilitation
  • Story-gathering for insight & change
  • Employee & Labor Relations
  • Data Collection & Analysis Workshop
  • Achieving Service Excellence

Come in!

Freethinc offers a unique approach to helping you achieve the change you want.  We integrate traditional business process improvement, with leading-edge methods from complexity science.

Your challenges require both insight and foresight.  Expertise and Exploration.  Let us share our decades of proven knowledge and experience with you.


Freethinc has worked with more than 25,000 people throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and SE Asia.  With contacts in Europe, Africa & Australia, we bring a global perspective to you.

Our Team

“You have truly made a singular contribution to the United States of Labor” (on co-creating and leading the USDOL's award-winning Employee Involvement and Process Improvement initiative)


Thomas Komarek,

Former Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, U.S. Department of Labor

“Thanks for your great work designing and facilitating our strategic planning event."


Dr. Barry Barbarasch,

New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

What Clients Say About Us

Freethinc . . . For A Change

Consulting through a new lens

December 2017

Engaged as an adjunct professor at Kean U School of Management